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Hannity Freaks on McCain-Edwards Sex Link August 13, 2008

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The Nation
posted by Ari Melber on 08/13/2008 @ 10:00pm

Sean Hannity lost control of himself and his show on Tuesday night, after co-host Alan Colmes compared John Edwards’ infidelity to John McCain’s affair. Usually, the two hosts of “Hannity & Colmes” take turns questioning guests and carefully avoid debating each other, but Hannity made a rare departure to repeatedly yell that McCain’s affair was somehow acceptable because it occurred after he was tortured for five and a half years in Vietnam. This clip does not take off until about 2:55, but then it gets feisty and weird in a hurry:

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Clintons Still Want To Kill Caucuses: The Latest Round August 12, 2008

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Huffington Post

Seth Colter Walls

August 12, 2008 11:08 AM

The Clintons hate the caucus system, and they want to see it die.

First they finished third in Iowa. Then they were out-organized by Barack Obama’s campaign in the caucuses after Super Tuesday. Finally, they lost the showdown at the rules committee over how to reinstate delegates from the banned Michigan and Florida primaries.

According to one well-placed source, President Clinton himself is still raw over reports of caucus tampering in Iowa that he believes could have tilted the race in Barack Obama’s favor, and has mentioned that possibility several times in conversation. A separate source who is also close to Clinton says the idea that people were “bused in” from Illinois to caucus is still a concern, as well. (The Iowa Democratic Party is not required by law to release its caucus rolls, and has not done so.)

In part, this fits with the pattern of retrospective analysis and persistent “what-if” thinking on the part of some Clinton officials, such as when communications director Howard Wolfson remarked on Fox News that John Edwards cost Sen. Clinton the nomination — a claim that was later partially debunked.

So while a debate about the use of caucuses might seem moot to some, it remains terribly important to Clinton loyalists. And thus the battle over their use rages on — sometimes in private, and sometimes in quasi-public forums. The most recent flash point was last weekend’s DNC platform committee meeting in Pittsburgh. Included among over 100 proposed amendments to the party’s platform was Amendment 93, which would have banned caucuses from future nominating contests. Source Article

How is John McCain’s Affair Different from John Edwards’?-Opinion August 8, 2008

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Huffington Post

Cenk Uygur

Posted August 8, 2008 | 04:41 PM (EST)

We have this weird notion in America now that if a politician is caught in an affair that his career is done. We seem to be saying that what he did in his private life effects his policies or how he governs. But we all know that isn’t true. We know that because almost all of our great presidents, and great leaders throughout history, have had numerous affairs. Obviously it didn’t hurt how they governed at all.

I love the idea of someone saying Alexander the Great can’t lead his empire because he’s cheating on his wife (by the way, doesn’t Alexander’s bisexuality single-handedly destroy the idea that gays can’t serve in the military). How about Genghis Khan? He had so many affairs that nearly 1% of the entire world population has his genes. Not fit to lead? And there have also been men of great compassion who led noble fights while still doing ignoble things in their private lives. We are all human at home.

We have now heard the stories of JFK receiving sexual favors after speeches in his limo and partying with several women on a yacht while his wife was delivering. But those are all in the past — so they don’t count. But John Edwards is caught having an extramarital affair and the overwhelming assumption is that his political career is absolutely over. How does that make any sense? Source Article

Edwards not ruling out new VP bid under Obama June 15, 2008

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by Jitendra Joshi Sun Jun 15, 4:23 PM ET

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Former Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards said Sunday he would have to “seriously” consider another shot at the job if asked by White House hopeful Barack Obama.

But the former North Carolina senator, who unsuccessfully ran for the party’s nomination this year and was on John Kerry’s ticket in 2004, reaffirmed that he was not actively seeking to be Obama’s running mate.

Two prominent Republicans also denied they were in the hunt to be the VP candidate of Senator John McCain, Obama’s opponent in the November election.

Edwards told ABC News: “I’d take anything he asks me to think about seriously, but obviously this is something that I’ve done and it’s not a job I’m seeking.”

The comments of the anti-poverty crusader appeared to leave open some wiggle room, after he had told Spanish newspaper Vanguardia earlier this month that “the vice presidency is not a position that I desire.”

Obama has been stepping up a discreet search for a running mate, although the process has been hampered by the departure of his chief vetter, Jim Johnson, in a controversy over favorable mortgage terms. MORE