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Franken lawyer slams ‘cynical and desperate’ attempt to stop vote count December 16, 2008

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Courtesy Rawstory:

Al Franken’s team is increasingly optimistic the Democratic candidate will prevail in the Minnesota Senate recount, and the campaign’s lawyer on Monday slammed a lawsuit filed by Republican incumbent Norm Coleman as a “cynical and desperate” attempt to keep votes from being counted. 

Coleman’s lawsuit asks Minnesota’s supreme court to set a “uniform standard” for absentee ballots a state canvassing board has ordered included in the recount; the Coleman campaign also says it is concerned that some ballots have been counted twice. 

Franken lawyer Marc Elias, speaking to reporters on a conference call, dismissed those concerns, portraying them as the desperate gasps of a campaign worried at its declining fortunes. 

“They are suing because they’re behind,” Elias said, reiterating his methodology that shows Franken with a four-vote lead. “The numbers are what they are. … What we’re seeing is a cynical and despearate attempt by the Coleman campaign.”

-Article Continues @ Sourced Site.


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