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Sarah Palin’s 150,000 makeover October 23, 2008

Posted by trouble97018 in Economy, McCain, News, Politics, Repiglicans.

Courtesy of BBC News

The life of a vice-presidential candidate may be gruelling, but it can also be glamorous – $150,000 glamorous.

The Republican National Committee has reportedly spent about that amount (roughly £92,000) on Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s wardrobe since she was chosen as John McCain’s running mate less than two months ago.

Alaska is a state where women are more commonly seen in Mukluk boots and heavy furs than stilettos and expensive tailored suits, but thrust into the national spotlight Mrs Palin has adopted a new look.

A self-professed adorer of high heels, she has sported a number of new styles on the campaign trail.

It looks as though Mrs Palin’s “the heels are on, the gloves are off” comment was more firmly based in reality than was previously thought.


Article continues @ http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7685067.stm



1. thenonconformer - October 23, 2008

The question before the voters is Obama’s own actual values, personal judgment, inappropriate associations and his lack of qualifications for office of president. Why is it that anyone addressing these legitimate issues of Obama’s relationship with William Ayers or Acorn now is still being falsely even now diverted by being wrongfully called a racist by Obama and his supporter? Is that rather how typically he will treat all negative questions as well the rest of his life too? What no personal accountability as well? We do not need politicians like that for sure.

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