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McCain seeks special ‘fair use’ copyright rules for VIPs October 21, 2008

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Courtesy CNET:

John McCain’s presidential campaign has discovered the remix-unfriendly aspects of American copyright law, after several of the candidate’s campaign videos were pulled from YouTube.

McCain has now discovered the rights holder friendly nature of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which forces remixers to fight an uphill battle to prove that their work is a “fair use.”

However, instead of calling for an overhaul of the much hated law, McCain is calling for VIP treatment for the remixes made by political campaigns.

McCain’s proposal: complaints about videos uploaded by a political campaign would be manually reviewed by a human YouTube employee before any possible removal of the remix. The process for complaints against videos uploaded by millions of other Americans would stay the same: instant removal by a computer program, and then possible reinstatement a week or two later after the video sharing site has received and manually processed a formal counter-notice.

With 11 homes and 13 cars, it’s not terribly surprising that McCain is calling for special treatment for the YouTube videos of politicians. As for the “fair use” claims of the poor starving masses: Let them eat cake.

On Tuesday, the McCain campaign sent a formal letter to YouTube asking for this two-tier system for “fair use” complaints. Copyright-guru Larry Lessig called it a “fantastic letter“, adding “bravo to the campaign” in a post to his blog. Since then, the technology press has been pretty supportive, although the focus of the coverage seems to mainly be along the lines of “McCain realizes that fair use claims are uphill battle.” This is the wrong message to send, and as much as I respect Professor Lessig, I have to call him out here. He is wrong. McCain should be criticized for his attempt to get special treatment, and Google/YouTube need to treat all users the same way.

Article Continues @ Sourced Site.


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