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McCain’s Erratic Health Strategy: Now He’s Slashing Medicare October 6, 2008

Posted by trouble97018 in Healthcare, McCain, News, Politics.

Huffington Post

RJ Eskow

Posted October 6, 2008 | 12:15 PM (EST)

Those of us who analyze health policy and trends for a living have struggled to follow John McCain’s health plan through its many seemingly-improvised changes. First he was taxing health benefits through both payroll and income tax. Then he said he only intended to apply income tax, which meant that his plan would create even larger deficits. Now he says there won’t be deficits, because he’s going to make up the cost of those tax credits by slashing Medicare and Medicaid.

When a candidate suddenly, almost whimsically changes the way he proposes to handle $1.3 trillion – which is the amount of money his plan puts in play over the next ten years – it’s time to get nervous.   Source Article



1. Country Doc - October 7, 2008

I’m shaking in my boots with you. We’ve seen what that magical marketplace can do for ordinary Americans.

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