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Voter Suppression Battle Brewing In Northwest Indiana October 4, 2008

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Progress Illinois

It appears that Lake County, IN may be the latest arena in the GOP’s effort to suppress the vote in swing states

First some basics. Under Indiana election law, early voting can only take place in a county clerk’s main office. This clearly could be problematic in areas where the county seat is far in distance from the most heavily populated parts of the county. Therefore, the law gives each board of elections the authority to approve early voting centers elsewhere in their county.

Lake County’s geography provides the perfect argument for these “satellite” polling places. The county seat, Crown Point, is the 7th most populous city in the county (pop. 24,000) and centrally located. Meanwhile, three of the four biggest municipalities — Gary (pop. 96,000), Hammond (pop. 77,000), and East Chicago (pop. 30,000) are all located at the northern edge of the county, along Lake Michigan. Together, these towns hold more than 40 percent of the county’s residents. (To the right is a population density map of Northwest Indiana. Lake County is visible in the upper left corner and you can see that the most populous areas are crammed at the top.) Moreover, Gary and Hammond are the fifth and sixth largest cities in the state. Source Article



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