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Obama Marvels at the ‘Crazy’ 2008 Campaign September 28, 2008

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Washington Post/The Trail

Posted at 4:41 PM ET on Sep 28, 2008

By Perry Bacon Jr.
DETROIT, Mich — Barack Obama sounded a bit wistful about his long campaign for the presidency at a fundraiser today, telling a crowd of supporters, “You couldn’t have written a novel with all the crazy stuff that has happened in this election.”

“One of the wonderful things about having such an extraordinary election process is that I’ve seen all the cycles of ups and downs, twists and turns,” he told the roughly 100 donors gathered inside the Detroit Public Library before a rally here.

“It seemed like an eternity, three or four weeks ago, when people were calling me and fussing, ‘We’re talking about lipstick and pigs, what’s happening?’ I said my suspicion is that it’s going to turn once again,” Obama said. “No matter how many times you reshuffle the deck, what you keep on coming up with is the fact that this is a serious time. It requires serious leadership.” Source Article


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