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Shouldn’t McCain’s Instability, Volatility, and Recklessness Be an Issue? September 25, 2008

Posted by trouble97018 in McCain, News, Politics.

TPM Cafe

By now it’s pretty clear that no one caught Johnny Boy’s “Hail Mary” pass.

My guess is that the gambit was McCain’s idea. No staffer would come up with a move this dumb when the race is neck and neck.

I think what happened is this. McCain was studying and practicing for the debate. Michael Steele (who plays Obama in the debate prep) was pushing him hard. And McCain blows up. “F– this. I’m not going to debate.”

So the staff goes nuts. But they are too scared of him to push back too hard. Mc C may fire them. Cindy is afraid he’ll call her the c-word again.

So they come up with a cockamamie rationale and go with it. And now the whole McCain campaign is imploding. Source Article



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