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Upon hearing the news of McCain’s latest gambit — campaigning/distracting by claiming to “suspend” his campaign and ditch the debate — a friend of mine suggested it shows his racist attitude toward Obama, his unwillingness to accept him as an equal competitor. McCain has certainly repeatedly showed this disrespect throughout the campaign, and has often tried to insert himself as Obama’s manager. But I responded to my friend that the real issue here is McCain’s obvious disrespect for American democracy. He is running a campaign in which he and his ridiculously unqualified running mate refuse to answer press questions and confine their appearances to stage-managed events. Now, with a major event that would be partially unscripted and very telling on the horizion, McCain suddenly decides to appoint himself President and “go to Washington to resolve a pressing national crisis.” Who does he think he is kidding? He is just trying to avoid laying out his views and taking questions so voters can evaluate him compared to Obama. Source Article



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