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On Offense on GOP Voter Suppression September 19, 2008

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Talking Points Memo

09.19.08 — 9:37AM

By Josh Marshall

From a longtime reader …

A week ago, as the McCain campaign continued to drive the media narrative and consolidate its lead in the polls, you wrote:”…I take it that their position now is that they’re not going to get knocked off their game. Instead they’re staying focused on the ground game in the dozen and a half states where they believe the race will be won or lost….So we’re left to take it on faith that they know what they’re doing, without having much way of seeing for ourselves.”

It’s a fair point. And though it’s tempting now to dismiss the last few weeks as a rapidly-dissipating bounce, and to applaud the Obama campaign for sticking to its game plan, the truth is that we don’t know much more about how the campaign is unfolding on the ground than we did a week ago. If the polls didn’t tell the whole story then, they’re not much more enlightening now.

With that in mind, it’s worth paying attention to a little-noted development this week in Michigan. The Obama campaign filed suit in state court to block the GOP’s “Lose your home, lose your vote” scheme, a plan to challenge the eligibility of voters whose homes have entered foreclosure – despite the fact that many remain resident in those homes.
It’s a typical GOP disenfranchisement campaign, and it’s nice to see the Obama folks taking a proactive position.

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