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Obama or 527s Must Tell Keating Five Story September 17, 2008

Posted by trouble97018 in Corruption, News, Obama, Politics.

Huffington Post

Joseph Romm

Posted September 17, 2008 | 01:37 PM (EST)

It foreshadows McCain’s ethical collapse, his coziness to fat cats, and his economic non-policy.

Time for the Obama campaign or some independent groups to raise John McCain’s sordid role in the Keating Five scandal. And by “raise” I mean repeat over and over and over again because it is a messaging twofer.

First, the Keating Five scandal provides a point of origin and touchstone for the dishonest and dishonorable way McCain is running his campaign, which has finally become a central point of attack for the Obama campaign. Second, the Savings & Loan scandal also goes to the heart of McCain’s anti-regulation, surround yourself with Washington lobbyists, pass-the-buck-to-a-commission approach to our current economic and financial crisis, another point of attack for the Obama campaign. Source Article



1. clancop - October 10, 2008

Bob Bennett, the investigator for the ethics committee on the Keating Five said McCain and Glenn were both clean, but partisans wanted to keep McCain in because he was a Republican and the “Keating Three”, the real criminals, were Democrats. You see, there are elections and no one wanted the Democrats being seen as corrupt so they dragged McCain through the mudd. Mark Levin had Bennett on his show a few days ago, Bob said it was the first time the ethics committee went against his recommendations. Fat cats? Hardly, it was one man, Charles Keating, a man who McCain personally threw out of his office once he realized he was under investigation for fraudulent business practices. The only reason he was included in the ethics investigation was because he was close to the man’s friends, his wife Cindy also invested in one of Keating’s shopping malls. DO THE RESEARCH!

So when Obama is tied to Ayers, Dohrn, Khalidi, Rezko, Raines, Fannie-Mae, ACORN etc it is okay, but when McCain is cleared by an ethics committee he is a criminal? Up is down isn’t it?

Put the Kool-Aid down, you have had enough…

2. trouble97018 - October 12, 2008
3. clancop - October 13, 2008

The source for that article is another conspiracy theory blog… Sorry, I did the reading, listened to Robert Bennett who said himself that the Keating Five thing was complete nonsense.

Nice try, but you have had way too much “Kool-Aid”

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