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Running after Reagan September 15, 2008

Posted by trouble97018 in Lies, McCain, News, Politics.

Sasha Abramsky
Monday September 15 2008 21:31 BST

I’ve been having strange emotions recently. Somehow, I have become nostalgic for Ronald Reagan. It’s a somewhat bizarre feeling to have, since I’ve always thought Reagan’s election represented one of the great calamities in modern American history. So let me explain.

Reagan was a smiling, genial extremist. He promised a new dawn for a country that suddenly seemed no longer young; a new lease of life for an American Dream beset by uncertainty in the post-Vietnam war years. Sure, his prescriptions to cure America of its ills were either batty or dangerous, or both: the “voodoo economics” derided by George Herbert Walker Bush during the 1980 primary season; a bulked-up military engaged in continual nuclear Russian roulette with the Soviet Union; a turn toward religious fundamentalism that regarded Afghan mujahadeen forces (yes, the ones who ultimately made Osama bin Laden the powerful maniac that he is) as allies in a cosmic, Manichean battle, while regarding gays and abortion providers in the US as little better than stooges of Satan. But, let’s be fair, he smiled as he prognosticated, and he genuinely believed he was ushering in the good times.  Source Article



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