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Obama Nails the Winning Message: “Honor Comes with Honesty.” But Does He Know How to Win with It? September 15, 2008

Posted by trouble97018 in News, Obama, Politics.

Huffington Post

Joseph Romm

Posted September 15, 2008 | 11:28 AM (EST)

Finally, the Obama campaign has articulated the winning message to counterpunch the shameless lying from McCain-Palin. They have raised the issue of McCain’s (lack of) honor.

Following Senator Claire McCaskill’s catchy “Honor comes with honesty” rhetoric on ABC’s This Week, Obama has released an excellent new ad titled “Honor” that explicitly quotes The Washington Post on McCain’s “disgraceful and dishonorable campaign.”

You’ll know that Obama is serious about winning if he and Biden, their surrogates, and their ads use this devastating line of attack on McCain’s dishonorable campaign over and over again, including the debates, through November. I would especially urge all of team Obama to memorize and repeat McCaskill’s memorable attack lines whenever they debate a McCain surrogate, like Carly Fiorina, who repeats the various lies about Palin or Obama:  Source Article



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