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Money Talks September 15, 2008

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Washington Post/Post Partisan

By Jonathan Capehart |  September 15, 2008; 8:07 AM ET

OK, I was being a bit of a smart aleck when I sent my last blog post (“Barack’s G.O.P. Problem“) to a few well-placed people over in Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. “Handwringing should be an Olympic sport in Washington!,” one of the Obama insiders wrote back. I was a little put off by what I thought was a rather cavalier, devil-may-care response. So, I responded, “HA! If only it were limited to Washington….”

But after yesterday’s spectacular fundraising announcement, I now understand why Team Obama feels it’s doing just fine. The $66 million and the 500,000 new donors the campaign announced yesterday for the month of August should tamp down the wildfire of fear that has gripped Obamanistas across the country for the last two weeks. A new hard-hitting commercial out today from the Obama campaign should make them feel better, too. After a couple of weeks of limp responses to being smacked around for sexism and other scurrilous accusations by Sen. John McCain’s campaign, the Obama camp released an ad that fights back. It juxtaposes McCain’s own promise to run an honorable campaign with the blizzard of criticism he has received for ads that perpetuate outright lies.  Source Article



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