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Why I Hate Being A Republican – Yet Joined The Party Anyway. September 14, 2008

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There is a lot of movement among voters this year. Republicans spitting one last time in disgust before tearing up their card and becoming democrats. Independents who needed to register democrat to vote for their candidate in the primary. New voters entering the fray because a candidate came along who asked them to do so.

I would hazard a guess that not too many people are joining the republican party, though.

I registered republican for the first time in my life in August, despite the criminals currently in charge of the party and their culpability in our country’s horribly weak and vulnerable position. I registered republican because of people in my life who I respected immensely and didn’t really come to understand until I stopped debating them over methodology and started listening to their actual long-term goals for the country.

Most of them believe in conservation and education and some sort of socialized medical system to make American businesses more competitive on a global market. These are smart and accomplished people with good hearts and high morals standards who are registered republicans nonetheless. Source Article



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