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Very few September 14, 2008

Posted by trouble97018 in Lies, McCain, News, Politics.

TPM Cafe

Very few people repeat untruths and misstatements over and over. When they do, they have to be held to intend to mislead, conceal, or deceive. So then we can call their untruths by the word “lies.”

Why should Americans not choose liars as their leaders? Everyone in any walk of life will from time to time say something that isn’t perfectly true. On minor matters, or when there’s an innocent explanation, we overlook such behavior.

But when those who seek leadership positions lie about (1) important matters, like their own attitudes toward government waste or national security or the economy or global warming or education or the First Amendment, and (2) their only possible motive is a desire to deceive their countrymen (since they’ve been informed that their statements are inaccurate), then we know they are not qualified to lead. Source Article



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