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McCain Grilled On “The View”: Sarah Palin, His Abortion Stance, His Obama Attack Ads, And More September 12, 2008

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Huffington Post | September 12, 2008 12:30 PM

Saturday’s New York Times picks up on the critique, made by the hosts of “The View,” that McCain seems to have become consumed with distorting the truth. As an article in the paper notes:

In recent days, Mr. McCain has been increasingly called out by news organizations, editorial boards and independent analysts like FactCheck.org. The group, which does not judge whether one candidate is more misleading than another, has cried foul on Mr. McCain more than twice as often since the start of the political conventions as it has on Mr. Obama.[…]

Mr. McCain came into the race promoting himself as a truth teller and has long publicly deplored the kinds of negative tactics that helped sink his candidacy in the Republican primaries in 2000. But his strategy now reflects a calculation advisers made this summer — over the strenuous objections of some longtime hands who helped him build his “Straight Talk” image — to shift the campaign more toward disqualifying Mr. Obama in the eyes of voters.

And as MSNBC noted on Friday, the notion that McCain has cease to conduct an honest campaign worthy of his “straight talk” slogan, has taken hold in the media: Source Article



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