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John McCain, Give Me Back My G-ddamn Money! September 12, 2008

Posted by trouble97018 in McCain, News, Politics.

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John McCain is taking public financing for the general election portion of his campaign. $84 million dollars from US taxpayers who check that little box each year on their tax returns.

I have checked that box every year since the US Treasury gave us the option to do so. I thought it was a good idea. Not any more.

When you check that box, you don’t designate whether your three bucks goes to any particular candidate. The government doesn’t ask if you are a Democrat or Republican or Independent or Libertarian (although they might not be paying taxes just on principle) or Green or Socialist or Communist Workers’ Party or American Nazi Party or any other party. Your money is not segregated.

People who checked that box did so because they thought they were helping reform elections. They did not intend to finance blatant, outright lies by one candidate against another. They did not intend to participate in the dirtiest, sleaziest campaign in recent history. They did not intend to buy lying attack ads, and facilitate a candidate lying, his running mate lying, his campaign lying. Source Article



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