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Charlie Gibson’s War September 12, 2008

Posted by trouble97018 in News, Politics, Repiglicans.

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Well, not war, but a milder though satisfying combat and a valuable moment of self-redemption. By network standards, Gibson was a lipstickless bulldog. The encounter was combative enough to blow some of her Teflon off.

Much has already been written on segment one of the Gibsonthon, aired on World News Tonight Thursday. Palin didn’t recognize the pillar of Bush’s foreign policy, and then mischaracterized it. She repeated her absurdity about command of the Alaska National Guard and proximity to Russia. (He might well have asked her what she’d learned from all that proximity.) She declared that she was ready for war with Russia. Mild-mannered Charlie, who is always wishing us a good day, confessed: “I get lost in a blizzard of words there.” I’ve never heard him so blunt.

On the Friday night 20/20 segment, Kate Snow’s teaser began: “You discover her story is part fact and part fable.” Palin was an earmark queen, winning $27,000,000 for 6000 people. She spent $8,000,000 on a road to nowhere. “Some of her best friends…are reluctant to endorse Sarah Palin the candidate,” Snow reported.

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