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Biden Releases Tax Returns September 12, 2008

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NY Times/The Caucus

September 12, 2008, 11:22 am

By Kate Phillips

Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democrats’ vice-presidential nominee, just released 10 years’ worth of tax returns — in a rather not-so-subtle ploy to pressure his counterpart, Gov. Sarah Palin, to do the same.

The Obama campaign posted this Mr. Biden’s returns on its Web site Friday. He’s still ranked as one of the poorest United States senators, even with a little outside teaching money.

For 2007, Mr. Biden and his wife Jill paid taxes of $66,273 on an adjusted gross income of $319,853 in 2007. Their income included $71,000 in royalties, presumably from his book. They had $62,954 in deductions, including $995 in gifts to charities and $38,712 in interest payments. In addition, the Bidens earned very little interest: They reported $99 in interest and no dividends. The interest payments: $73 from the New Castle School Employees Credit Union, $13 from the U.S. Senate Federal Credit Union and $13 the from Wilmington Savings Fund Society. Source Article



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