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Palin’s Town Charged Rape Victims For Exams, Former Alaska Gov Says September 11, 2008

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The Huffington Post | September 11, 2008 02:17 PM

UPDATE: The Jed Report finds the connection to John McCain:

In 1994, John McCain voted against legislation — pushed through Congress by Joe Biden — that helped put an end to the practice of charging rape victims for sexual assault exams.
Twisted as it may sound, charging victims for a forensic exam was a real problem. For example, as AMERICAblog has documented (and the media is now reporting), when Sarah Palin was mayor of Wasilla, the town charged rape victims for the exams.

Biden’s legislation required that state, local, and Indian governments provide the rape exams to victims free of charge as a condition of receiving federal funds under the Violence Against Women Act. In 2000, Alaska finally passed state legislation in order to qualify for federal funding.

McCain not only opposed Biden’s legislation, but also has voted against funding it as recently as October 2007.

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