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McCain’s ‘Education’ Spot Is Dishonest, Deceptive September 11, 2008

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Washington Post

Thursday, September 11, 2008; Page A04

A new John McCain ad caricatures Barack Obama‘s education record by claiming that his only achievement is to pass legislation ensuring “comprehensive sex education” for kindergartners. It implies that its critique of the Democratic presidential nominee has been endorsed by the nonpartisan journal Education Week, when in fact it is a hodgepodge of quotes from a variety of sources stitched together to form a highly partisan political attack.


Education Week bills itself as the “journal of record” for education professionals. In March last year, it ran a generally positive article about Obama, describing him as one of several Democratic candidates with a demonstrated interest in education policy. The article noted that Obama had gained considerable “grassroots experience” in education problems in Chicago as the member of a board of a school reform initiative known as the Annenberg Challenge. It went on to say that he had not made “a significant mark on education policy” in either the Illinois Senate or the U.S. Senate, but that he had pushed for the expansion of early-childhood education.

The McCain ad includes captions attributing the quotes on accountability and Obama’s alleged support for “the existing public school monopoly” to a Washington Post editorial and an op-ed in the Chicago Tribune. (Needless to say, the ad omitted The Post’s criticism of McCain for failing to come up with a detailed education plan.) But a casual viewer or listener could easily get the impression that all the quotes came from Education Week. Source Article



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