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Palin’s eBay Story: What Actually Happened September 10, 2008

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Huffington Post

Sam Stein

September 10, 2008 12:04 PM

“That luxury jet that came with the office… I put it on eBay!”

It’s one of Sarah Palin’s favorite lines on the campaign trail, repeated with such frequency that it has already become a catchphrase of the general election. As Governor of Alaska, she rid the state of an unnecessary jet using a creative and cost-effective online measure.

What is left unmentioned is that Palin didn’t come up with the idea to sell the plane using eBay in the first place. Moreover, because of the unique purchasing terms of the aircraft — which required the state to make payments amounting to $20,000 per month even if the jet wasn’t in use — the decision not to hire a broker to help sell the property appears in hindsight to have been a costly mistake.

Before the Alaska Republican took office, it was something of a standard operating procedure for the state to try to sell such big-ticket items using the online auction site. Officials had been doing it since at least 2003, three years before Palin became governor. Source Article



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