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Palin expensed her children’s air travel to the state September 10, 2008

Posted by trouble97018 in News, Politics, Repiglicans.
Posted on Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ANCHORAGE — Since Gov. Sarah Palin took office nearly two years ago, the state of Alaska has routinely bought commercial airline tickets for her daughters when they travel with her, a practice that raises questions about the governor’s claim to being a fiscal conservative.

Travel records from the governor’s office show that the state has spent at least $31,800 on dozens of airline tickets for the family, and more for meals and hotels.

Records show the family has traveled with Palin for events such as the Alaska Federation of Natives convention in Fairbanks last fall and to shoot official first family photos in Juneau, to draw raffle tickets at an event in Anchorage and to tour a teen center spearheaded by the Juneau Christian Center.

There’s no specific state law or rule that says the state pays for family members to travel to events with the governor, but it’s become tradition, according to Linda Perez, director of administrative services for the governor. The governor’s spokeswoman, Sharon Leighow, said paying the family’s travel expenses is appropriate because people expect Palin to bring her husband and children along.

“There is an expectation of the first family to participate in activities across the state,” she said. Source Article



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