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Honor? September 10, 2008

Posted by trouble97018 in McCain, News, Politics, Repiglicans.

Talking Points Memo

09.10.08 — 8:44AM

By Josh Marshall

TPM Reader EH

I think I’m the first one to say it: “honorgate”. Presumably somebody will ask Obama about this today. I hope his response is something like, “look, I don’t know how Senator McCain defines honor, but it’s worth asking: is it honorable to characterize a bill to protect children from sexual predators as ‘teaching sex-ed to kindergarteners’? Is it honorable to accuse your opponent of wanting to lose a war to win an election? Is it honorable to repeat the same lies day after day on the campaign trail, long after they have been proven false?”Needless to say I’ll be extremely unhappy if Obama does anything to distance himself from those comments or to come across as apologetic.

We’re still talking about honor with this guy? Face it. This guy is running the sleaziest presidential campaign of our lifetimes. McCain and Palin are out their lying their heads off. Liars have no honor.

Late Update: BL has an idea too …

I know responding to a scurrilous attack with a “he did it to” defense doesn’t help knock down the original falsehood, but why isn’t someone bringing up McCain’s past with women? The Chelsea Clinton – Janet Reno ugly joke? How about the gorilla rape joke? Leaving his crippled wife for a beauty queen? Dating exotic dancers – per Fred Thompson?This man not only has no honor. He has no shame. He’s the prohibitionist who rails against the drink in public but gets wasted every night in private.

Normally it might not be appropriate for the press to dig into McCain’s ugly past with women. But when he’s out there like a preening fraud tossing out phony charges of sexism they really have no choice. Source Article



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