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Halperin On Palin: “Stop The Madness” September 10, 2008

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Huffington Post

Jason Linkins

September 10, 2008 10:00 AM

Throughout the summer, Barack Obama has been able to win himself some media cycles, but he’s never been successful at generating an authentic media backlash against John McCain. Until, perhaps, now. Paced by his willingness to actually use the term “lie” in a campaign ad, and Rick Davis’ flat-out goofy call for the media to demonstrate “deference” to their heretofore unknown vice-presidential candidate, the political press seems to be reaching a point where they’ve decided that there is some dirt they’re just not going to eat.

I got to throw some props to our own Rachel Sklar on this, by the way. She caught the “media victimization” meme right as Sarah Palin turned the spigot on during her RNC speech and immediately shot back with some hot fire. From there, it hasn’t extinguished: the press has been active in calling out the McCain camp’s “bridge to nowhere” prevarications (here’s McCain losing the Wall Street Journal), they just aren’t having any part of the victimization agenda (here’s Joe Klein calling it “nonsense…hogwash”), and there’s significant resistance to the notion that Sarah Palin deserves a chance to sequester herself until such time that the press is ready to accommodate her comfort (here’s David Frum, wet-blanketing that poppycock). Source Article



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