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Cohen: Jesus was a community organizer September 10, 2008

Posted by trouble97018 in News, Obama, Politics.
September 10, 2008
Posted: 01:23 PM ET

(CNN) –Barack Obama was again compared to Jesus Wednesday, but this time not by Republicans claiming the Illinois senator has an inflated view of himself.

Speaking on the House floor, Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen sought to defend recent attacks over Obama’s stint as a community organizer by picking up a recent blogger refrain, that “Barack Obama was a community organizer like Jesus.” Source Article



1. commontater - September 10, 2008

I’m not surprised this analogy is making its way around the blogosphere; it’s a tactic that wishes to have us mortals focus on Jesus as a community organizer and not on Jesus, a perfect entity, which I can assure you Barack Obama and the rest of us are not. In other words, “communism” would only work under Jesus’ reign, not under our flawed human condition.

2. Cohen: Jesus was a community organizer « PopUpCommontater - September 10, 2008

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3. trouble97018 - September 11, 2008

commontater, your opinion only holds water someone happens to belong to the same religion you do. Since I don’t I will continue to think as I please.

I’m sure that as a good American you will want that right for me will you not?


4. fredshelm - September 15, 2008
5. trouble97018 - September 15, 2008

Actually, I prefer this one:

Martin Luther King Jr. was a community organizer. Lester Maddox was a Governor. Fits our time better.


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