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How Did the RNC Insult Troops and Veterans? Let Me Count the Ways… September 8, 2008

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Huffington Post

Jon Soltz

Posted September 8, 2008 | 11:16 AM (EST)

Last week’s Republican convention sure made every superficial effort to come off as pro-Troop and pro-Veteran. And, of course, the media ate it up, not challenging a single thing. But to those of us who did serve, it was offense after offense after offense. Let’s count the ways:

McCain Didn’t Mention Veterans’ Care: Maybe because it’s because he has a terrible record, but not once in John McCain’s speech did he talk about taking care of those who served their nation in the military. With exploding rates of PTSD, suicide, homelessness among veterans. With ridiculous wait times for veterans seeking care, and a VA that every major vets group says is woefully underfunded. With administrators dumping vets out of the veterans care system by diagnosing them with a lesser mental injury than they have. Not. A. Single. Word. And, with the shame of…

Walter Reed: What a slap in the face. The first photo that John McCain stood in front of was Walter Reed. Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood, California. Chalk it up to someone in the campaign not knowing the difference between the two, but what I find even more offensive is this: At some point John McCain asked his campaign what was going to be on the screen behind him. And someone told him the first picture would be Walter Reed Army Medical Center. John McCain didn’t object – even though he voted against closing tax loopholes to help fund military hospitals like Walter Reed. But that wasn’t the only bit of fake imagery…. Source Article



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