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7 Days: Spinning 12 Hypocrisies w/ Huffington, Vanden Heuvel, Bender & Green September 6, 2008

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Huffington Post

Mark Green

Posted September 6, 2008 | 03:49 PM (EST)

This week I attended the U.S. Open and watched the Republican Convention. Guess which had more spin? Can McCain’s pedestrian stump speech Thursday night convince voters that a Bush-look alike for seven years is the change agent? Only in America.

Our panel below performs the Emperor-Has-No-Clothes assignment of saying what should be obvious but what Republicans are hoping Americans don’t see. Look at how experienced she is! Who’s W?

One way to compare the Republican Convention and our American reality is to list their dozen top hypocrises. Admittedly, politics is often the art of squaring circles and finessing inconsistencies. But as commentators Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy accidentally told us, the level of BS and cynicism in the Twin Cities was mountainous:

*John McCain said that he doesn’t work for the special interests.
Ok, but they sure work for him, given the lobbyists who run and give to his campaign.

*John McCain repeatedly told us that he was a man of honor and principle, but what was the principle when he belittled then hugged Bush, belittled then hugged the religious right, belittled then hugged tax cuts for billionaires and oil firms, condemned and then allowed torture? Source Article



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