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The GOP Wages a Two Front War September 5, 2008

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The New Republic/The Plank

September 5, 2008

Alan Brinkley–who is the provost and a professor of history at Columbia University, as well as a National Book Award-winning author–will be writing for us throughout the Republican convention.

There was a back-to-the-future quality to this year’s Republican convention, at no time more so than on the last night. Almost all of the convention (other than its mostly-suspended first night) echoed the harsh, resentful, and even vindictive undercurrent that has dominated Republican politics for the last thirty years–nowhere more clearly than in Palin’s gleeful skewering of Obama based not on any concrete issues, but on supposed cultural differences. And then there was McCain, who in his acceptance speech tried mostly to be the good cop and let the bad cops do the dirty work. This is little different from the Bush-Rove-Cheney strategy. Bush himself did not often take on the right-wing evangelical issues that were, in fact, the key to his victory in 2004. He let others do the dirty work.

McCain’s delivery was notably flat, especially compared to the sarcastic, combative, hopped-up delivery of Sarah Palin. I was astonished to see the first ten minutes of the speech against a drab green background–verdant fields on the big screen in the convention hall, but just a sour green on the small screen. The crowd–virtually all-white, mostly male–was fairly subdued, and comments afterward were almost ruefully positive. Palin addressed the issues they really cared about; McCain did “what he had to do.”

Although McCain talked about a few families in trouble, he offered nothing much in the way of a solution to their problems. This convention–and to a large degree McCain’s speech–was about two things: the Iraq war and the culture wars. Source Article



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